Erik Brockbank


Computational Social Science - Data and Model Programming


In Spring, 2022 I was an instructor for the second-quarter course in the Computational Social Science undergraduate core series.

This course was a broad overview of modeling principles found in data science and computational social science settings.


  • A copy of the original course homepage, with schedule and all lecture materials [here]
  • The public github repo with all lecture code and datasets [here]
  • The private github repo with problem sets and labs is available upon request (unless the requester seems suspiciously like a UCSD student...)
  • A youtube channel with video recordings of all lectures [here]
  • Student evaluations of the course [here]

Teaching Assistant

Course History

  • Psychology Research Methods (Fall 2021)
  • Introduction to Programming for Computational Social Science (Summer 2021)
  • Foundations of Cognitive Psychology (Spring 2021)
  • Psychology of Parenting (Spring 2020)
  • Introduction to Psychology (Fall 2019 & Fall 2020)
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Summer 2019)
  • Introduction to Developmental Psychology (Winter 2018-19)